Riding Investment Waves For Risk Averse Investors

Riding Investment Waves

Bill Hortz of the Institute for Innovation Development recently sat down with Dan Darchuck, Co-Founder and CEO of Topturn Capital, an independent financial advisory firm headquartered in Monterey, CA which manages the Topturn OneEighty mutual fund and delivers innovative asset management strategies to institutions, individuals and leading financial ... [read more]

The Case for Global Multi-Assets

The Case for Global Multi-Assets

Brian Singer, head of William Blair’s Dynamic Allocation Strategies team, discusses the case for global multi-assets in today’s environment, why the team’s approach to global multi-asset investing is unique, and the role of such a strategy in a portfolio. Watch the video or read the recap below.What are some of the main investment factors ... [read more]

Why Litman Gregory Created a Liquid Alternatives Fund

Litman Gregory Alternatives Fund

When Ken Gregory first went looking for a liquid alternatives fund, he had the following items on his checklist:High-quality, credible sub-advisors running understandable strategies that provided diversification and had low correlation to one another; Low levels of absolute risk; Returns in the mid-to-high single digits; and Fees are ... [read more]

Why “The Market” Is Not What You Think It Is

The Market Is Not What You Think

With the current market environment looking more and more like that of the late 1990s, I decided to revisit that time in chart form and see what potential pitfalls exist for investors that can be avoided this time around.  I think you will agree that the pictures below are both informative and frightening, the latter being the case if you do not ... [read more]

Still Trending…

Still Trending

Still Trending…The first week of earnings did little to change the overall market’s trend. In fact, it may have provided reasons to reinforce it. While the week's reports were mostly beats at the top and bottom lines (just like three months ago), the reception to some of the more cyclical company earnings reports (Banks and Industrials) were ... [read more]