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Dividend is Easy to Find. Yield is Not.

Dividend is Easy to Find

There are a lot of mutual funds and ETFs promoting themselves as “dividend” funds. In fact, when I screened over 9,100 US-traded mutual funds and ETFs, 437 of them had the word “dividend” in their name. Since regulators are quite strict about funds being truthful about what their names imply, I was curious to see just how many of these dividend ... [read more]

Riding Investment Waves For Risk Averse Investors

Riding Investment Waves

Bill Hortz of the Institute for Innovation Development recently sat down with Dan Darchuck, Co-Founder and CEO of Topturn Capital, an independent financial advisory firm headquartered in Monterey, CA which manages the Topturn OneEighty mutual fund and delivers innovative asset management strategies to institutions, individuals and leading financial ... [read more]

The Case for Global Multi-Assets

The Case for Global Multi-Assets

Brian Singer, head of William Blair’s Dynamic Allocation Strategies team, discusses the case for global multi-assets in today’s environment, why the team’s approach to global multi-asset investing is unique, and the role of such a strategy in a portfolio. Watch the video or read the recap below.What are some of the main investment factors ... [read more]

Largest Macro Opportunities Have Tail Risks

Largest Macro Opportunities Have Tail Risks

In today’s global macro environment, the largest investment opportunities also possess significant downside tail risks. That means the most attractive valuation opportunities exist in markets and currencies where there is geopolitical risk or negative macro thematic influences.The most fundamentally attractive global equity markets are in ... [read more]

Market Focus: Rising Rates – Five Ideas for Your Portfolio

Five Ideas for Your Portfolio

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December and March, and several voting members have indicated that at least two more rate hikes are likely to come in 2017 and three more in 2018. In isolation, the emergence of a tightening wouldn’t be particularly troubling for investors. After all, it’s part of the normal economic cycle of expansion, ... [read more]

Long-Short Mutual Funds: The Rodney Dangerfield of Investing

Long-Short Mutual Funds

In a blazing bull market (for the S&P 500, at least), alternative strategies sit in the shadows, awaiting the day when they will again be called on to help clean up the mess that a fallen bull market left behind. In particular, long-short strategies are chronically misunderstood. They are essentially the Rodney Dangerfield of investing: “they ... [read more]

What to Do When Bonds Are No Longer the Answer

What to Do When Bonds Are No Longer the Answer

Bonds have been your best buddy. They have been right there with you during the 1987 crash, the Enron fiasco, the 1990 recession, the Asian Currency Crisis, the Dot-Com Bubble, and the Financial Crisis. From Reagan to Bush to Clinton to W. Bush to Obama and now to Trump, investing in fixed income securities through funds, ETFs or individual bonds ... [read more]

The Long and Short of Long-Short Dividend Investing

Long Short Dividend Investing

Financial advisors, fill in the blank: retirement ______?  If you said “income,” you have plenty of company.  After all, while many retirees and pre-retirees hope to use their accumulated wealth to leave an estate, give to charity and pursue other goals, the most common concern they have is maintaining a reliable level of cash flow that they can ... [read more]

The Illiquidity Risk Premium and Expected Returns

The Illiquidity Risk Premium and Expected Returns

We talk a lot about liquid alternatives here at DailyAlts, but many alternatives are illiquid, and they still have a role to play in investors’ portfolios. While liquidity is often an attractive feature, investors do have to pay for it. Similar assets with less liquidity have to offer the potential for higher returns in order to compensate – this ... [read more]

Multi-Alternative Funds: The Best and Worst of June

Multi-Alternative Funds The Best and Worst of June

Multi-alternative mutual funds and ETFs recorded their fourth-straight month of gains in June, returning +0.42% in the aggregate. Of the 151 funds in the category, over 62% (94) posted gains; and 49 beat the +0.84% returns of the Morningstar Moderate Target Risk benchmark. Top Performers in June The three best-performing multi-alternative funds ... [read more]