Understanding Behavioral Portfolio Management With Dr. Thomas Howard

Behavioral Investment Management Thomas Howard

A long time Professor at the University of Denver and the holder of several patents in investment management methodology, Dr. Tom Howard is the Founder, CEO and Director of Research at AthenaInvest. In this podcast he explains "Behavioral Investment Management" and how it is applied in the investment management systems of AthenaInvest, an asset ... [read more]

Jason Gerlach Talks Sunrise Capital, CalALTS and Alternative Investing

Jason Gerlach Sunrise Capital CalALTS

Listen to Jason Gerlach, CEO of Sunrise Capital and President of CalALTS, discuss macro investing, Sunrise Capital, CalALTS and investing in alternatives. Sunrise Capital, one of the oldest quant/macro funds in the industry, dates back to the 1970's and was formed long before hedge funds started their ascent. The firm's Sunrise Evolution Strategy ... [read more]

Analyzing Company Growth and the DivCon Score

Strategic Investor Radio

Ryan Ballantyne of Reality Shares explains their unique proprietary evaluation system, DivCon. This metric seeks to identify companies that are going to raise their dividend or potentially cut their dividend, and powers their ETF: Reality Shares DIVS ETF (ticker: DIVY). DIVY is a first-of-its-kind ETF that seeks to deliver long-term capital ... [read more]

Podcast: Closed End Funds and Business Development Companies

Closed End Funds and Business Development Companies

It’s rare that Charlie Wright hosts a guest for a second time on Strategic Investor Radio, but for John Cole Scott of Closed-End Fund Advisors, he made an exception. Last time, Mr. Scott talked mostly about closed-end funds (“CEFs”), but this time business development companies (“BDCs”) are the main topic.BDCs were legislated into existence ... [read more]

Podcast: Generating Yield With Direct Real Estate Lending

direct real estate lending money360

In this episode of Strategic Investor Radio, Money360 founder and CEO Evan Gentry joins host Charley Wright in the studio for a fascinating interview. Mr. Gentry’s firm is truly unique: It raises money through investors and then makes loans, secured by real estate, at higher interest rates than investors can generally expect to earn from somewhat ... [read more]

Adaptive Investing With Greg Rutherford of Cavalier Funds

Greg Rutherford Adaptive Investing

In this episode of Strategic Investor Radio, host Charley Wright sits down with Greg Rutherford, co-founder and CEO of Cavalier Funds. Cavalier operates a family of seven mutual funds each managed by sub-advisors. The fund family consists of five equity and two fixed-income funds, each of which aim to capture benchmark returns in rising markets, ... [read more]

Generating Income From Alternative Asset Classes With Eric Lutton

Generating Income Alternative Asset Classes

In this episode of Strategic Investor Radio, host Charley Wright interviews Eric Lutton, Chief Investment Officer of Sound Income Strategies. Eric is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and his job as CIO of Sound Income Strategies is to generate investment income – this is particularly difficult in today’s low-yield environment, as Charley points out. ... [read more]

Podcast: Crowdsource Top Trading Models With Rod Casilli

Rod Casilli Collective2

Collective2.com is a website that allows everyone from professional money managers to “housewives in Mexico City” to publish their own trading models and publicly track the results. Moreover, these “trade leaders” can offer subscription alerts and even broker-synced automated trading services to paying subscribers, with the subscription revenue ... [read more]

Podcast: Garvin Jabush Discusses Sustainable Investing

Garvin Jabush Green Alpha Advisors

Garvin Jabush and Jeremy Deems founded Green Alpha Advisors in 2007. Both men came from San Francisco-based Forward Funds, where they ran a “green” fund co-branded with the Sierra Club. That experience led them to develop a “more progressive” approach to environmental-impact investing that moved beyond “negative screening” of the “most ... [read more]

Podcast: Trend Trading With Dave Landry

dave landry trend trading technical analysis

Dave Landry is a stock-trading educator focusing on technical analysis. He offers a daily trading service with stock picks and money-management ideas at DaveLandry.com. In this episode of Strategic Investor Radio, host Charley Wright interviews Mr. Landry, who disagrees with the notion that “you can’t time the market.” The market can only do three ... [read more]