Q&A With Jason Steuerwalt of Litman Gregory – Part 2

Jason Steuerwalt Litman Gregory

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Jason Steuerwalt, CFA, of Litman Gregory. Jason is a Senior Research Analyst for the firm and has a focus on alternative manager research, and has oversight responsibilities for the managers in the Morningstar 5-star Litman Gregory Masters Alternative Strategies Fund (ticker: MASFX). Prior to joining ... [read more]

Market Focus: Rising Rates – Five Ideas for Your Portfolio

Five Ideas for Your Portfolio

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December and March, and several voting members have indicated that at least two more rate hikes are likely to come in 2017 and three more in 2018. In isolation, the emergence of a tightening wouldn’t be particularly troubling for investors. After all, it’s part of the normal economic cycle of expansion, ... [read more]

2 New Alternative ETFs Seek Absolute Returns In Any Market

Alternative ETFs Seek Absolute Returns In Any Market

The premise of positive returns in any market is an alluring proposition for risk adverse investors.  These types of alternative strategies were once the realm of sophisticated hedge funds and institutional portfolios.  However, they are now starting to make their way into the accounts of mainstream investors via exchange-traded funds ... [read more]

Institutions Have Appetite for Smart Beta Hedge Funds

Smart Beta Institutional Investors

A survey conducted by Citi Prime Finance revealed that an overwhelming majority of institutional investors are planning to increase their allocations to risk premia and/or smart beta investments over the next three years. Citi’s survey included investors and intermediaries, mostly institutional, representing nearly $1 trillion of combined assets ... [read more]

Options Based Funds Outperform with Lower Volatility

Option Based Funds Outperform with Lower Volatility

Many novice and not-so-novice investors think all option strategies are dangerous and volatile, but a new white paper commissioned by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) pours a warm bucket of reality over that incorrect assumption. According to the study, option-based strategies that buy and sell S&P 500 index options have outperformed ... [read more]