Feel the Lift?

Feel the Lift

It is difficult not to see it, hear it, or feel it. The global expansion continues to gather steam and slowly, but surely, it is making its way through to supply and prices. For anyone in the business less than 10 years, this is how it feels. In Denver, you might raise an eyebrow at another skyscraper going up downtown...until you find out that all ... [read more]

Why “The Market” Is Not What You Think It Is

The Market Is Not What You Think

With the current market environment looking more and more like that of the late 1990s, I decided to revisit that time in chart form and see what potential pitfalls exist for investors that can be avoided this time around.  I think you will agree that the pictures below are both informative and frightening, the latter being the case if you do not ... [read more]

Still Trending…

Still Trending

Still Trending…The first week of earnings did little to change the overall market’s trend. In fact, it may have provided reasons to reinforce it. While the week's reports were mostly beats at the top and bottom lines (just like three months ago), the reception to some of the more cyclical company earnings reports (Banks and Industrials) were ... [read more]

Summer Break

Summer Break

Market commentary and insights from the team at 361 Capital.

4 Ways to Discover an Elephant Bull Market

4 Ways to Discover an Elephant Bull Market

Four rules for investing in bull markets and avoiding investment manias.

It's Tango Time

It’s Tango Time…

As the VIX flirts with single digits, the S&P 500 has been flopping around like a live fish on deck. But for U.S. investors in foreign equities, the music continues to play.



While the world’s superpowers reposition their military strength toward the borders of North Korea, the financial markets look to be following closely in their wake and reordering their asset weighting toward one of less risk.

3 Tips for a Successful Distressed Energy Investment

3 Tips for a Successful Distressed Energy Investment

Being a contrarian means you drink upstream from the proverbial herd. But buying what is out of favor, hammered down in price … is emotionally tough to do.

March Madness

March Madness

Politics or Basketball? Either way, how is your March Madness bracket looking? The financial markets are watching their post-election bets ever so closely.